Get To Know Us: Skemberlu (Part 3)

What do you miss about the Philippines?

The food! Pinoy food like adobo. At home, we eat a lot of crabs, because it’s cheap there.

How is it like living in Malaysia so far?

This is my first time here. It’s good so far. Good food and place, it’s comfortable.

Do you have a favorite Malaysian dish?

I like nasi lemak and chicken rice!

How is it like living in the Geek Fam house?

The house is comfortable. I really like this place. It’s clean and I have my own room, and we also have a swimming pool.

What is Geek Fam like?

I’m happy here because the players do not have pride or ego. So I think that we can work together well as a team. Wheng takes care of us so much. He’s here every day, bringing us food and whatever we need. Keat is a really good owner because he really knows Dota. He really motivates the team.

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