Get To Know Us: March (Part 2)

Who are your favorite heroes?

For me it’s Invoker. Offlane would be Shaker. With carry it’s Terrorblade. I like Invoker because there are a lot of spells to use. Shaker is quite a strong hero for offlane, a strong disabler. Terrorblade is a hard carry. I like to play it.

What is your play style like?

Maybe I’m aggressive, I’m not sure. Sometimes defensive, it depends on the game.

Were there any challenges when you decided to go professional?

My parents tried to stop me when I was younger. They were not that supportive before, but right now they are because I managed to join a team. I have a job now.

What do you miss about home?

I miss my mom because she cooks a lot for me. She takes care of me very well.

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