The Last Interview: Playhard

Having been with the team for 4 months, what do you think about the team as a whole?

The team is good, I’ve never experienced anything like this before this, so I’m really grateful to a be a part of the team. We’ve known each other quite well, sometimes we fight but it’s normal as we go back being friends. Just really grateful for my teammates.

What about the team while playing in game?

Playing together is definitely fun, but sometimes we do argue and fight. Nonetheless, nothing beats winning a game together, that makes us all happy.

Why are you leaving Geek Fam?

I want to take a break, to go back to my family back in the Philippines. It’s hard to be away from them especially when we are countries apart.

What are your plans after this?

I would be chilling after this together with my family.

What is the fondest memory of your time here at Geek Fam?

The first time I arrived at the airport in Malaysia, I was already late and my phone wasn’t reachable, and then I saw Wheng, Geek Fam’s Manager and his annoyed expression, haha. Then there was also winning the Acer Predator League, that was a good experience also.  Other than that,  when I wake up, it’s already lunch time. I usually ask Wheng to buy me butter chicken because I like it, haha. Besides this, all four of us would also steal Oli’s vegetarian lunch even though there’s only one pack for him, hahahaha.

Who in Geek Fam will you miss the most and why?

For me it’s Skem (Skemberlu) because he is my best friend, and we are able to communicate in our own language (tagalog), hahaha. Of course, especially Keat (Geek Fam Founder) also. I always talk to him and I’m very appreciative and thankful of him as well. Because of him, I improved a lot. He has taught us a lot.

What do you miss about Malaysia?

I think I will miss the vegetarian food, it’s my first time trying it here and it’s new for me. It’s really tasty.

What would you bring back to the Philippines from your experiences here?

I think I will bring back what Keat has taught us to the Philippines about discipline and our attitude.

What is the main factor that you think contributes to the team’s successes so far?

I would say Keat, because of him, we improve so much and he made us believe we can win and we can do it.

Did you enjoy travelling to other countries such as Jakarta and Bangkok with Geek Fam?

Of course! It’s my first time travelling to other countries and experiencing different cultures and views.

What is the management of Geek Fam like?

The management is good, Wheng would wake us up and buy us food, haha.

Would you consider your time here with Geek Fam rewarding? What did you learn?

It was definitely a good experience.  The first few weeks I wouldn’t listen and would just dive into the game.  When we watch the replay, only then I realized my mistake and that it is better to listen to my teammates. I also got to improve my position as a support since I first joined.

Which gameplay during your time in Geek Fam is the most memorable and why?

It would be the gameplay against TNC at the semifinals (ESL One Genting 2018 SEA Qualifiers Semifinals). We almost won but we lost eventually, haha. That was a good one.

What do you think about the SEA eSports scene?

The SEA scene is becoming bigger as more and more tournaments are coming up.

Last message to the team?

Thank you to my team for giving me the best experience during my last 3-4 months. We know each other so well and I’m very proud of all of you. Not forgetting Joseph, Keat and Wheng whom I’m really thankful for as well.

Last message to the fam?

Hi to all fam, thank you for your support and also thank you for supporting me while I was in Geek Fam. Do continue to support Geek Fam. Thank you!  

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