The Last Interview: xRag

Tell us about yourself.

Hi, I’m Augustus John Casanada, also known as xRag. I’m 21 years old, and I’m from Australia.

How did you start playing Dota 2?

I started playing when I was 12 years old, influenced by my brother. After that, I just really like the game.

What do you love most about Dota 2?

I like that it’s a game about team strategy, teamwork and also constant communication with your teammates.

Who are your favourite heroes in Dota 2?

Earthspirit and Invoker. They can do a lot of impressive combinations and not many people can master to play these heroes well.

Did you face any challenges when you decided to become a professional esports player?

Obviously, my parents were against it at first as I was choosing esports as a career rather than studying. However, I choose to continue on this path as I know esports especially in the SEA region is growing. It’s an opportunity I definitely cannot miss which is why I just go for it. My parents now are more accepting of my career choice because they have seen my achievements in my Dota 2 career and also because I’m very happy with what I’m doing now.

What are your Geek Fam teammates likes?

Skemberlu is the most “try hard” player I know. ChYuan is actually a funny guy, but he is serious when it comes to playing Dota 2. Oli is funny as well as we all tease him for being a vegetarian, haha, to the point where we would steal his food because it’s really good, haha. March, on the other hand, shouts when he is really angry while playing in-game which is quite funny as well.

What interest do you have outside of Dota 2?

I like reading Japanese mangas when I’m not playing.

Who are the Dota 2 players that you look up to?

I look up to Puppey and Kuroky who are both captains of their respective teams. I admire their strategic planning and play style for the team, because of them I aspire to be a captain of a team one day.

Describe your personality.

I can be very serious when it comes to Dota 2, and I’m also a foodie haha. I eat all kinds of food. I guess I like Malaysian food because I like chicken rice haha.

What would you be doing if you are not a professional gamer?

I would be sleeping, hahaha. Nah I can’t see myself doing anything other than playing Dota 2.

What’s your opinion of people’s stereotypes towards gamers?

People misunderstand professional gamers in general as they think gamers just sleep and play. However, there is a lot of effort and time spent in practising one particular game and being very good at it. So, it’s not easy being a professional gamer.

Tell us 2 things people do not know about you.

I like Dota 2, hahaha. Secondly, my in-game name, xRag, was taken off a team by a group of friends and I formed back in Australia. However, they don’t play as professionally as I do so I adopt the name for myself. No worries, there were no hard feelings as they do still watch me play haha.

Having been with the team for a short period of time, what do you think of the team as a whole?

The team has a lot of potential, mainly because of the management. Aside from training, the management provides everything for the players and make us as comfortable as possible so that we can focus on playing the game.

What’s the fondest memory of your time here at Geek Fam?

ChYuan and Oli are always at each other, haha. They will be touching and slapping each other playfully, and it’s funny to see that. Aside from that, winning the MESL (Malaysia Esports League 2018) tournament was also a fond memory of mine. Nothing can beat the feeling and moment of standing up on the stage and holding up the trophy.

Can you tell us more about the role change that won MESL?

Me, Skemberlu and March changed our roles. We practised this strategy during our training, and we found that it had a lot of potential, so we used it during our matches.

Who in Geek Fam will you miss the most?

I will miss Wheng (Geek Fam’s Manager) because he buys us food hahaha. His choices can be unpredictable as sometimes I like the food and sometimes I don’t.

What is the management of Geek Fam like?

Keat, who is our coach and founder is very good to us. He makes us a better player. Wheng takes care of us very well and buys us medicine when we are sick. As for Keong (Joseph), he gives us a lot of motivation and energy when we play.

What did you learn while you were in Geek Fam?

I learn a lot about how other teams play and also how we should play. Keat taught us a lot and is continually challenging us to be better than where we are.

What do you think about the SEA esports scene?

I think that the SEA scene is becoming more competitive as more and more teams are becoming better, not only TNC, Mineski and Fnatic. There is a lot of potential to grow for the SEA esports scene, and you can see that when teams or players from Europe prefer to come to SEA as well.

Last message to the Geek Fam team?

I want to thank you, Joseph, Keat and Wheng for being the management a player could count on as well as my teammates for making my journey here pleasant. I really enjoyed my time here in Geek Fam, and I wish Geek Fam all the best in the future.

Last message to the fam?

Thank you, fam for supporting us throughout our gameplays. You guys were still there for us even when we didn’t win, and that is awesome. Thank you, fam!


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