The Last Interview: Skemberlu

Having been with the team for 5 months, what do you think about the team as a whole?

I think our team improves faster than other teams as we quickly learn from our mistakes while training every day.

What about the team while playing in-game?

The team’s dynamics is good in the sense that there is a lot of teamwork and communication during in-game. Even after we lose a match, we will reanalyse our opponent’s strategy.

Your news of leaving came as a surprise, what’s the reason behind it?

I miss my country and home so much, the Philippines, and I want to go back. Pinoy food as well which you can’t get here. Even if you can, they can’t compare to what I have back home.

What are your plans after leaving?

Perhaps I would join a team from the Philippines that is based in the Philippines.

What is the fondest memory of your time here at Geek Fam?

It would be winning the MESL (Malaysia Esports League 2018) tournament. Possibly because it was my last tournament and that I changed my role in it. It was unforgettable especially when we won.

You also won the MVP (Most Valuable Player) during the tournament, how did you feel?

Of course, I was very happy and very proud.

Who in Geek Fam will you miss the most and why?

Keat, our coach and also the founder of Geek Fam.  He is my closest friend as he motivates me a lot as a player. Not also forgetting Geek Fam’s manager, Wheng as he always buys us food, haha.

What about your teammates? Who among them will you miss the most?

I will miss all of them because we have worked together as a team during my time here. I will miss my time playing and discussing the game with them.

What do you miss about Malaysia?

It would be our Geek Fam house because everything is provided to maximise your comfort to play and focus.

What would you bring back to the Philippines from your experiences here?

My personal growth. I’ve grown a lot as a person being here. Being with the team has helped me to become more mature and to differentiate right from wrong.

What is the main factor that you think contributes to the team’s successes so far?

Our coach’s (Keat) dedication and also the teamwork of the whole team. These 2 things helped us improve a lot.

How is the management of Geek Fam like?

As compared to the previous teams that I was in, the management of Geek Fam is really good. They are honest, and they respect as well as take care of any players that come under them.

What did you learn from your time here at Geek Fam?

I learned to be more responsible and sensible as a player as compared to when I first arrived in Geek Fam. Perhaps I’m the youngest in the team which is why haha.

Which gameplay during your time in Geek Fam is the most memorable and why?

It would be both the Acer Asia Pacific Predator League 2018 and MESL (Malaysia Esports League 2018). Aside from the fact that we won, both of them were also the biggest achievement of my career and also for Geek Fam. I was very happy with the results at the end of it.

What do you think about the SEA eSports scene?

The SEA scene’s standard is higher now with so many upcoming teams, especially during the tournament qualifiers. I see for myself that this is a good thing as I can improve myself even more and learn more from these teams.

Last message to the team?

Thank you to my teammates as we improved a lot together, also thank you especially to Keat and Keong (Geek Fam Founders) for giving me the opportunity to be in Geek Fam and also help me grow. I wish Geek Fam all the best in the future and to do well even without me.

Last message to the fam?

Do keep supporting Geek Fam even without me in it! Thank you!


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