Geek Fam LoL – Get To Know Us: Eren, zSuNe, 404

Tell us about yourself. 

404: My name is Choong Sheng Zhi, also known as 404. I’m from Pulau Pinang, Penang.

Zsune: My name is Yong Seng, my IGN (in-game name) is Zsune and I’m from KL (Kuala Lumpur).

Eren: My name is Yih Jiet, my IGN is Eren and I’m from Penang.


How did you start playing LoL? At what age?

404: I started at the age of fourteen and was introduced to LoL by my classmates. I find the game really fun that is why I kept playing.

Zsune: I also started to play LoL during secondary school together with my friends. I like the game because I feel like the game was made for me and I can easily adapt to the different gameplays of the game.

Eren: My sister introduced the game to me when I was 16 years old.


How did you get into competitive gaming? A brief history of your LoL career. Past teams etc.

404: For me, it all started 2 to 3 years back where I would join the rookie cups organised by the cyber cafes back home together with my classmates. I found the competition exciting so I decided to go for professional gaming after I finished secondary school instead of going to the university. I believe everyone has a dream, and they should chase after it.


Did you face any challenges when you decided to start off your professional gaming career?

404: My mom isn’t very happy that I chose a career in esports as she says it’s very unhealthy facing the computer 10 to 12 hours a day. My dad, on the other hand, is supportive of what I do and that explains why I’m here in Geek Fam as well.

Eren: For me, I don’t face any challenges because my parents are supportive of what I do.


Explain how you got your LoL names.

404: I got my name when I was playing with my classmate during school and I always go missing because I would be sleeping, haha. That’s how I got my name, 404 – error not found.

Eren: Eren not found?

404 and Zsune: Error lah…error not found.

Eren: Oh…

Zsune: My IGN actually just comes to my mind and I find that it sounds and looks nice so I decided to go with it.

Eren: Mine was taken of an anime called “Attack on Titan” and there is a very cool character named Eren which is why I decided to go with it.

404: Cool eh..haha..


Why choose Geek Fam?

404: In the previous split, we were known as Eternity Esports and some of us were still in school which is why we were playing semi-professionally. We were also fortunate that we ended up in the finals of the last split which is why I wanted to keep some of my team members but at that time, we needed a team sponsor. I then contacted Keat, owner of Geek Fam, whom is a really nice guy and is really supportive of our dreams. Therefore, Geek Fam LoL team was born and we are now a full-time professional team.


What’s your first impression of your current teammates?

Zsune: 404 is the best LoL captain in Malaysia and he treats everyone fairly and with respect…

Eren and 404: (laugh)

Zsune: Except..except his enemies!


How has it been so far living in the Geek Fam house?

404: I started staying here since last year December and I’m starting to get used to the life now. Wheng (Geek Fam Manager) treats me really well because he buys us delicious food every day.


What is the management of Geek Fam like?

Zsune: Wheng is a very nice person and he takes care of the team really well.

Eren: Keat is a very friendly person and he is really supportive of what we do.


What do you want to achieve in Geek Fam?

Eren: As a team, I hope that we can win the LCM (LoL Championship Malaysia) 2018. Personally, I want to be the best top laner in the whole of LCM.

404: As a team, I think we should start step by step, conquering LCM first and then slowly make our way internationally.


Who is the most annoying?

404: To me, the most annoying member would be Clayx, the AD Carry of the team. He annoys me almost every time I’m doing something like watching a movie. He sometimes shouts beside me. Haha.

Zsune: The most annoying person on the team I think would be myself to Clayx. (laughs) Because I would be the one who bugs him on Facebook or when he is playing game.


Who do you like the most? Who do you dislike?

404: I love everyone on my team and do not dislike anyone, haha.

Eren: I also like everyone on my team.


Fondest memories while in Geek Fam?

404: For me, it would be the morning exercises our team has to do after we wake up every day. It’s tough because we just woke up but it’s also one of the best memories for me.

Zsune: I find the way of our previous coach from China speaks, funny, haha.


What do you love most about LoL?

Eren: I like everything about the game because it is really fun to play.


How do you improve yourself in professional gaming?

Eren: Definitely by playing more and by watching tournament plays from better players and learn from them.

Zsune: Same. I improve myself by playing LoL every day and learn up the strategies used during international tournaments.

404: Aside from playing more, I find that staying together, playing together and discussing a game as a team, analysing the pros and cons of it helps us to improve as a team.


Who is your favourite champion and why?

Eren: My favourite champion is Riven because she can face 5 opponents at once.

Zsune: Mine is Nidalee because she can escape in any situation.

404: My favourite champion is Alistar and I use this champion a lot during tournaments. A lot of opponents will ban this champion when I play.


What do you think about the SEA scene of LoL?

404: Despite SEA being a wildcard region, I still think that SEA is the best performing region as compared to other wildcard regions such as Latin America, Latin South America, Oceania, Brazil or CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States). However, I think scene wise, we are still not as good as them and I believe it’s because parents are still not letting their kids play professionally and we don’t discover as many pro or elite players due to this.


Which team or player are you guys looking out for at LCM?

404: This year’s LCM, we are one of the “Three Kingdoms”.  It consists of us Geek Fam, Fire Dragoon and Kuala Lumpur Hunters. We will take the other two teams as our biggest opponents and we will definitely prepare well before facing them during the competition and do our best.


Message for the fam?

Eren: Thank you for supporting Geek Fam, I will try my best to win the tournament (LCM).

Zsune: Thank you for supporting us and we will try and achieve good results during LCM.

404: Thank you for supporting Geek Fam and we will do our best to our fams as well as to Keat and Joseph (Geek Fam Founders).


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