Geek Fam LoL – Get To Know Us: ShINy, Teddy, Clayx

Tell us about yourself. 

Clayx: My name is Lim Yew Siang, my IGN (in-game name) is Clayx, and my role for the team is AD Carry.

Teddy: My name is Megat Bahrul Hisyam, my IGN is Teddy, and I play Mid Lane for Geek Fam.

ShINy: My name is Tham See Khieng, my in-game name is ShINy, and I’m the sub Top Laner in Geek Fam.


How did you start playing LoL? At what age?

Clayx: I started playing LoL when I was 13 years old because I saw my brother playing it, so I secretly download the game to play. Since then I find the game quite interesting. Why secretly? Because at that time, my brother didn’t like his siblings to follow after him, but as of now, he stopped playing it already due to studies.

Teddy: For me, I started playing LoL in 2014, when my friends asked me to join his weekend cup team and since then I have been doing well in the game.

ShINy: I started playing when I was 14 years old. My friends asked me to play LoL with them and since then, I find LoL quite interesting and have been playing ever since.


How did you get into competitive gaming? Brief history of your LoL career. Past teams etc.

Clayx: Out of all my friends who played LoL, I was the only one that kept playing the ranked games and got much further than all my friends. I got to Diamond 5 and went to Challenger Top 20. After that, someone scouted me, so I played in the ROG Qualifiers. After that tournament, I was introduced to join Mineski-X, and that’s how I went into professional gaming.

ShINy: I was with Fire Dragoon for about a year, and then I went to Mineski-X. During mid-season last year I decided to quit LoL due to personal reasons. After that last year end, I wanted to get back into competitive gaming, that is when 404 contacted me to join Geek Fam, so here I am!

Teddy: As for me, I kept playing League of Legends until I got into Top 10 of the SEA server. That is when 404 asked me if I wanted to join their team (Eternity Esports) because their mid was only Diamond 1. From then on I just follow 404 until now here at Geek Fam.


Did you face any challenges when you decided to start off your professional gaming career?

ShINy: My family and friends are really supportive of me being pro, so I don’t face any challenges, haha.

Teddy: Well, the hardest part for me is that I have no time to train back home, because I don’t have a PC. And when it rains, I can’t go to the CC (Cyber Cafe) to play. Initially, my parents were against the idea of me playing games because to them, it is wasting time. However, after my team (Eternity Esports) got the second place during TLC 2017, I managed to give some of my winnings to them, and after that, they trust me, haha.


Explain how you got your LoL names.

ShINy: My IGN is ShINy because I like all things shiny, hahaha.

Teddy: For me, it’s because I like teddies.

Interviewer: But your IGN used to be Wendy, why did you change?

Teddy: Err, the girl…

Everyone: hahahaha owhhhhh

Teddy: No, it’s a girl from a Korean drama la, that’s why.

Clayx: Stop cheating la wei, haha. Well for me, I like the word “clay”, and when I was choosing a name I was with Mineski-X, so, Clayx.


Why choose Geek Fam?

Clayx: Firstly, it’s because of 404; secondly, it is because of Eternity Esports; thirdly, it’s because Geek Fam is a full-time professional team other than Fire Dragoon and Kuala Lumpur Hunters, so we may have the chance to fight for the win during LCM 2018.


What’s your first impression of your current teammates?

Teddy: To me it’s very funny because all these guys wake up late, eat during odd hours like midnight and then play LoL until 3am, and then only do these guys finally sleep at around 5am, hahaha.

Clayx: Hahaha, it’s a very healthy lifestyle.

Everyone: (laughs)


What is the management of Geek Fam like?

Clayx: Keat (Geek Fam Founder) is a very nice and friendly person, he takes care of what we need, every time I see him, he would definitely greet good morning to me, so yea. As for Wheng (Geek Fam Manager) I find him very cute, hahahaha. It’s because every time I explain something to him, he doesn’t understand, and his expression is really funny la so yea very cute, hahaha.


How is the training like in Geek Fam?

ShINy: Our training we would play two games in one day. To me, I think it’s a good amount because if we play too many games, then we would sometimes become too stressed.


Who is the most annoying?

ShINy: The most annoying player to me is 404 because he tends to fart frequently when he is beside me, hahahaha.

Teddy: I think I’m most annoying towards ShINy because everytime I arrived at the Geek Fam house, I would go to his room and sleep on his bed and then he has to go down to sleep on the sofa, haha.

Clayx: For me, it is definitely 404, because he not only farts, haha, but mainly he annoys me everytime we meet at the Geek Fam house, haha.


Who do you like the most? Who do you dislike?

Teddy: I like Timber because we always duel in the solo queue and when we are losing, his face will be “tilted” which is also why I don’t like him as well.

ShINy: I like Eren as he is my favourite player. This is because our play styles are similar and we always compete with each other as well.

Clayx: I don’t have a favourite person here hahaha. Perhaps it’s 404, but I don’t like nor dislike him, it’s just his face when we are playing every time very “tilted” and then he makes me become “tilted”, haha.


Fondest memories while in Geek Fam?

ShINy: For me, it would be the first month when we got together, we would always go to McDonald’s late night and hangout to chill and have fun with each other. That’s the fondest memory for me.

Teddy: Yea same for me, I like that time too.

Clayx: The most memorable memory would be when all of us would gather in one room even though we have our rooms. We would play together and talk as well as sleep together, which I don’t know how we did that, and that was a good time together.


What do you love most about LoL?

ShINy: I like LoL because of the different gameplay everytime you play. Each game is a different play style altogether.

Clayx: I find that playing LoL, I’m not wasting my time, unlike other games which I find that is wasting time. Games like Fortnite is fun as well, but it can’t compare to LoL; therefore, LoL is the best for me.

Teddy: To me it’s because of the prize pool, and the tournaments in Malaysia are very easy to me, haha. (Everyone: woowwwwww)


How do you improve yourself in professional gaming?

Teddy: I would always play 8 games of ranker and then scrim with the team 2 games. After each game, we would discuss together as a team.

ShINy: I would always play solo queue games and watch Youtube of better players on how they play, that’s how I improve.

Clayx: I would play more solo queue games as well, but if I’m losing then I would watch other players play.


Who is your favourite champion and why?

Clayx: For me, it would be Vayne because, with her, I can showcase her mechanics and skills as an AD Carry. Besides, only the top players can master her.

Teddy: It would be Syndra, because she would be easy to use to kill the enemies.

ShINy: I like all the aggressive-type of champions like Camille, because by using this type of champion, it’s really fun when you kill your opponent with it.


What do you think about the SEA scene of LoL?

Clayx: Honestly I think the SEA scene for LoL is very toxic as a lot of better players will bully the new players, but it’s getting slightly better now. My advice and hope for the SEA scene is that the better players won’t “toxic” the new players, because only with beginner players, can you have better players.

Teddy: It used to be bad, but with Geek Fam around, hopefully, the scene keeps getting better, haha.

ShINy: Well can’t say it’s really bad but the SEA scene is definitely improving.


Message for the fam?

Clayx: Thank you, everyone, for supporting us, we will not let you down!

ShINy: I will try my best to do well in all the LoL games, and we won’t disappoint you!


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