Geek Fam PUBG – Get To Know Us: JangsxMan

Tell us about yourself

My name is Muhammad Farhan, my in-game name is JangxMan and I’m 20 years old. I’m currently the in-game leader of the team.

How did you start playing PUBG?

I started playing PUBG for fun, and not for competitive reasons.

How did you get into competitive gaming?

My and my friends form a team before this and we qualified to represent Malaysia at the PUBG Australia Invitational ZIMO 2018. Because of this, my team was formed and that’s how I got into competitive gaming.

How do you differentiate yourself or your team from other teams in Malaysia or internationally?

I honestly feel pretty confident that our team is the best team in Malaysia but we have to prove to qualify for Thailand at the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship happening this weekend. As for the difference in skill level between Malaysian teams and international teams, it is still a huge gap but the Malaysian teams are definitely catching up. As for our team, I’m grateful for Geek Fam as the management provides everything for us, so I feel that we can stand a chance to be the top team in SEA.

What do you love most about PUBG?

I love PUBG for its stupidity which makes it fun. For example, you may be driving a car but when you hit a rock or a stone, the car just explodes out of sudden. That’s the creative thing about the game, which I like.

What’s your play style?

I prefer playing passive in solo mode, meaning that I wait patiently for people to come to me and then only I will kill them.

Do you face any challenges when you decided to start off your professional gaming career?

Of course, especially from my parents. They keep pestering me to find a new job as they don’t see a future as an Esports player. I even negotiated with them to give me 2 to 3 years to reach my goal, and then I will find a new job, but they didn’t agree. However, after I qualified for Australia, only then did they start to see a future in my choice. It was the same even for my friends, teachers and ex-girlfriends, but I keep telling them that I love to play and that it is my passion.

Then, what advice would you give to young aspiring players that want to go pro?

You have to be strong, especially mentally. When you get haters, you just ignore them and let them be, so long as you are happy in doing what you love. That matters most.

How has it been so far living in the Geek Fam house?

It has been a blessing! I come from a rural area and to be able to live in a big gaming house in the city is a bonus! My first impression of the house is “Wow!”, it’s huge! For example, the room I was given was initially for 2 people to sleep in, but I notice that the room is very spacious, enough to fit 5 to 6 people. Which is why I asked my other 3 teammates to sleep together in 1 room. It’s more fun that way, you get more bonding time.

What do you think about the Dota 2 boys?

I like to watch their matches. I myself can’t play the game as good as them but I love to sit behind them and watch them play. They are also very friendly in asking how is our training, etc.

What is your first impression of Geek Fam?

Honestly, when I first started gaming, I have never heard of Geek Fam. However, I did a bit of research and found that Geek Fam Dota 2 team is one of the best SEA teams. If you exclude Mineski and Fnatic, Geek Fam is considered the top Dota 2 team in SEA. So I realised that if they are already at this level, I myself and my team can also be at this level under Geek Fam.

What was your first impression of the management of Geek Fam?

I met Keat (Geek Fam’s Founder) through discord. From the way he talks, I know that he is from a good management. He has a specific target and his own perspective on things, which I agree very much with. Then, when I moved into the Geek Fam’s house, I met Wheng (Geek Fam’s Team Manager). He is very accommodating, making sure that everything is alright for us. I’m really grateful for that.

Who do you think in your team is the best?

Raziq. He can be very quiet and doesn’t talk much. However, I feel that his thinking is always a step ahead of all of us. He manages his life pretty effectively and it is the same in-game. He is also a skilled PUBG player.

Who do you find the most annoying?

Hazwan. He is our clown in the team. He would be so funny that I would find him suitable for my Facebook content. There was one time when he was swimming in the pool, he was just relaxing but he looks like a “duyong” (malay mermaid), hahaha. Then, I started recording him silently. After that he realised what I was doing, he would make a retard face, which is epic. He is the most annoying one but he is also the one that makes us all happy.

What other interests do you have outside of PUBG?

I was an athlete during my school days. I represented Selangor (state) and Negeri Sembilan (state) to play volleyball and bowling. I would try different sports that I find interesting, and I would give my best. I feel that “gamers” have this stereotype of not exercising, but just facing the computer for hours. Of course, that is unhealthy! You have to find time to exercise even if you play games for long hours. That is the way to go.

Who are the PUBG players that you look up to?

There is one, his name is called Neferhor. He was with the team (Athletico Esports) that won the PUBG Australia Invitational ZIMO 2018. I like his playstyle. For example, when he sees an opponent in the game, he doesn’t shoot on sight, instead he analyses. If the opponent has cover or healing, he would get closer to that player and then instant kill. If the opponent has none of these, then only he would shoot.

What do you plan to achieve for yourself and for Geek Fam?

As of now, we have to focus on the upcoming tournament (PUBG Southeast Asia Championship Malaysia/Singapore Finals) happening this weekend and win that so that we can go to Thailand. Then, in Thailand, I want to win also so that we can represent SEA to Berlin, the major. With that, I believe Geek Fam’s name will be bigger and will be known not only for the Dota 2 team, but also for the PUBG team as well. Long-term, I want to be the champion of SEA, but in the short-term, I want to be one of the best teams in SEA.

Let’s play a game of this or that! I’ll ask a series of questions about which one do you prefer, you will just have to answer what comes to mind.

(PC or Console?) PC.

(Marvel or DC?) Marvel.

(KFC or McDonald’s?) McDonald’s.

(Pizza Hut or Domino’s?) Domino’s.

(Night or Day?) Of course, night.

(Coffee or Tea?) Erm, both. Actually, I love Milo a lot, haha.

(Horror or Comedy?) Horror.

(Coke or Pepsi?) Erm, both.

(Black or White?) Black.

(Ketupat or Lemang?) Ketupat.

(Rice or Noodle?) Both. Sometimes I eat rice, sometimes I eat noodle.

(What about durian?) Ewww. Haha, it’s not that I don’t like durian, it’s just that I won’t eat a lot of it nor do I like it so much.

Anything you would like to say to the fams of Geek Fam?

For those aspiring to be in a professional esports team, you can do it. You just have to be hardworking, patient and possess a strong mentality.

Anything you would like to add?

To all my supporters, current and past, thank you so much. To my parents especially my mom, I hope that you would be proud of where I am today. As for my haters, thank you so much. Do continue hating me as my haters made me where I am today. I really appreciate all your hate. You all made me stronger. So, thank you.

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