Geek Fam PUBG – Get To Know Us: Savior

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Muhammad Hazwan B. Abd Halim, my in-game name is S4v1or and I live in Setapak. I’m 24 years old.

How did you start playing PUBG?

I started playing PUBG in October last year and it was just for fun.

How did you get into competitive gaming?

I was a CS:GO player previously. I just play PUBG for fun. A friend of mine then said that I should try out for pro, so I’m here now.

How do you differentiate yourself or your team from other teams in Malaysia or internationally?

I feel that our team’s mentality is really positive and strong as compared to the other teams. We have really good chemistry as well.

What do you love most about PUBG?

I like that it’s about survival and I can improve myself easily.

What’s your play style?

I tend to be very aggressive and go after the opponents.

Do you face any challenges when you decided to start off your professional gaming career?

Yes, I do when I was working and playing professionally at the same time. However, I decided to give my 100% in my professional gaming career so I stop working.

How has it been so far living in the Geek Fam house?

The environment is very good and we can focus fully on training. The Dota 2 boys are really nice and friendly as well.

What’s your first impression of the Geek Fam house?

One word – Wow! Haha. It’s amazing.

What is your first impression of Geek Fam?

The management is very nice and accommodating. They understand and share our vision to become the champion of SEA.

What are your teammates like?

I have known them since my CS: GO days so it’s really nice that we are now a PUBG team.

Who do you think in your team is the best?

I would say Farhan. I like the way he thinks as our in-game leader. He supports me as well as I’m the captain of the team, and he is like my second in command.

Who do you find the most annoying?

Farhan as well, haha. Because when he gets mad I can’t look at his face, but he is a good guy.

Who are the PUBG players that you look up to?

TSM BreaK. I like his play style and I’m learning a lot from how he plays.

What do you plan to achieve for yourself and for Geek Fam?

I would want to be the best player in SEA and make my team the best in the world.

Let’s play a game of this or that! I’ll ask a series of questions about which one do you prefer, you will just have to answer what comes to mind.

(PC or Console?) PC.

(Marvel or DC?) Marvel.

(Pizza Hut or Domino’s?) Domino’s.

(Night or Day?) Night.

(Coffee or Tea?) Tea.

(Horror or Comedy?) Comedy.

(Coke or Pepsi?) Coke.

(Ketupat or Lemang?) Lemang.

(Rice or Noodle?) Rice.

(What about durian?) Durian? Of course!  

Anything you would like to say to the fams of Geek Fam?

I appreciate each and every one of you who are supporting me, I will try to be the best player in the world!

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