Founded by Keat and Joseph in 2016, Geek Fam has since become one of the up and coming names in the competitive arena of Asia’s esports Dota2 teams. The team started off their journey by making it into the finals of the Phase 2 Qualifiers of the ESL One Genting, followed by constant invitations to some of the biggest Dota2 tournaments such as The Kiev Major, Epicenter, The Summit 7 and The International.

Creating a warm atmosphere of mutual support and respect, Geek Fam’s founders are constantly involved in the team’s progress, thoughtfully planning out and analyzing strategies together to further improve their performance in the competitive gaming arena. As a result of this, the Geeks continue strongly motivated to play hard, to be one of the world’s top esports teams, and to establish Geek Fam as one of the top brands out there.

Geek Fam is more than just a team. We are a bunch of young, passionate and motivated geeks who want to take the esports standard to the next level.




Cheng Jia Hao, or better known as VT Faded has been playing Dota since Primary 4. He was at a cyber café with a friend, and that was how he started. Now, at the age of 20, VT Faded joins Geek Fam as their carry.
VT Faded used to play for Sun Gaming in China, followed by Clutch Gamers.
Sun Gaming has won first place at the ProDotA Cup China back in 2017. Clutch Gamers needs no introduction when it comes to the Dota2 scene. Along with Geek Fam, Clutch Gamers is one of Southeast Asia’s top Dota2 teams. They have managed to hold on to 4th place at The International 2017 SEA Qualifier and also 1st place at both of the Mars Dota2 League 2017 SEA Qualifier, and EPICENTER 2017 SEA Qualifier.



Ng Kee Chyuan, or better known as ChYuan is the mid-laner of Geek Fam. His addiction to Dota began when he was 11 years old. He used to go to cyber cafes with his older brother and watched him play. ChYuan then gave Dota a try, and it’s safe to say that the rest is history!
ChYuan fully immerses himself when in game, forgetting that he is in real life. He is the most talkative amongst the team. A huge lover of Thai food, the first thing that ChYuan would do when he goes home to his family is to go out to one of the many Thai restaurants in his home town of Kedah, Malaysia.
One of the more seasoned gamers of the team, he brings his knowledge and skills from his past teams WarriorsGaming.Youth and WarriorsGaming.Unity. WarriorsGaming.Youth were the champions of SEA vs AUS Invitational 2017. In May 2017, he joined WarriorsGaming.Unity, a team that achieved 1st place at the ZOTAC Cup Master SEA Qualifier #2. With his MMR closing in on 8000, ChYuan continues to work hard every day.



Thiay “March” Jun Wen, 19, is the second youngest member of the team. Just most of the boys in Geek Fam, he was influenced to get into Dota by his older brother. March has been watching his brother play Dota for a while before taking on the game himself at the age of 12.
March keeps the team entertained, being one of the loudest and most annoying one among the group. His constant cries while in battle lightens the mood of the team when in game. Like other Dota players, March has a dream of going to TI, working hard every day to better himself and the team.
March has played for Genesis eSports before joining Geek Fam. Genesis eSports is currently playing at ESL India Premiership.



The youngest in the team, Andrei “Skemberlu” Ong, began his journey into Dota when he was only 8 years old. He keenly watched his brother and sister play before he developed his addiction towards it. Now at 17 years of age, he is Geek Fam’s carry.
He usually goes by the nickname, Skem. A loud and funny member of the team, Skem keeps the atmosphere light and cheerful whether the boys are in or out of game. Skem has quickly gotten used to life in Malaysia, declaring his love for nasi lemak and chicken rice!
Skemberlu has played for Acion Arena. Acion Arena is a team that is based in the Philippines, and has successfully achieved the runner up position at the Mineski Pro-Gaming League Season 8 Championship in 2016.



Chan “Oli” Chon Kien started playing Dota when his friends took him to a cyber café. Now at 22 years old, he is living his dream, playing Dota professionally.
Oli is one of the most hardworking players in the team. He watches his idol, MidOne’s replays and constantly tries to improve himself. Being the quieter member of the team, Oli often immerses himself in his favourite anime, Attack on Titan.
Just like March, Oli was in Genesis before joining Geek Fam.


Keat and Joseph are the founders of Geek Fam. Together, they form the K&K Revolution, the managing company for Geek Fam. With Geek Fam, they hope to achieve greater heights making it one of South East Asia’s top eSports teams.



Lim Keat Kuang, or better known as Keat started off his career with a bang as he became the financial industry’s youngest record breaker with Hong Leong Assurance. Born an entrepreneur, he went on and started several businesses ranging from financial services to F&B. He is also a director and major shareholder at Cause Effect, a digital marketing agency. Keat is a digital strategist who works with data formulating analysis and marketing strategy for clients such as Berjaya, Parkson, KDU, KLIA Express, GE, HSBC, Citibank, Bluinc, IOI City Mall and Sony Music. He is also a consultant and specialist in the rejuvenation of shopping malls.



Joseph Yeoh is the Vice President of YTL Land Development and YTL Hotels & Properties Sdn Bhd. Joseph graduated from the University of Nottingham UK, where he obtained a Bachelor of Law (Honours) and a REIT Management license certification from MAS Singapore. His portfolio includes strategic mergers and acquisitions, hospitality and retail asset management, and strategic asset enhancement. He specializes in day-to-day operations of retail and hospitality assets, and is currently overseeing the development of YTL Retail, a new subsidiary under the YTL Group of Companies.



Wheng started playing Dota and Warcraft at a young age, and still plays till today. With a background in business administration, his abilities in managing accounts landed him a job as Geek Fam’s manager. His other responsibilities cover overseeing the team’s daily affairs, training sessions and their overall well-being. To create a well balanced work-life, Wheng often takes the boys out for group activities. He has excellent chemistry with them, making the environment an enjoyable one for both work and play. As the manager of Geek Fam, he is the backbone of the team and vows to improve the future of eSports in Malaysia.