HyperX Sponsorship Announcement!

HyperX decided to send some gaming gears to the Geek Fam boys and here’s what went down.

Hey fam!

GeekFam is very fortunate to be sponsored by HyperX, Kingston Technology’s high-performance memory gaming product line which has established itself in the eSports gaming industry for 15 years.

The boys were given a few HyperX gaming gears each and all of them were as excited as children opening their Christmas presents.

Soon after the room was filled with sounds coming from the HyperX mouse clicks and HyperX keyboards typing away. Everyone was soon testing out their new gears on a game of Dota2.


Here’s Velo wearing HyperX’s t-shirt. In Geek Fam, all of us are gamers and no one gets left behind.


SexyBamboe getting hyped up unboxing the HyperX keyboard.



Roddgee taking out his HyperX mouse and testing out the new HyperX keyboard.


The all-new HyperX Alloy FPS Mechanical Gaming Keyboard comes with its own sleeve!


Teehee checking out the HyperX headset.


The HyperX Pulsefire FPS Gaming Mouse is made for accuracy and precision.


Beautifully lit.


SexyBamboe is all focused with his HyperX Cloud Revolver S Pro Gaming Headset.


The entire HyperX ensemble is both beautiful and powerful.

Click here to check out HyperX’s awesome gaming products.

We would like to thank HyperX for sending in these awesome gaming gears, the boys sure love them and would definitely use them for their upcoming matches!