Geek Fam PUBG – Get To Know Us: ModyxMan

Tell us about yourself

My name is Raziq Azraei Bin Azizi, I’m 21 years old and I’m from Klang, Malaysia. My in-game name is ModyxMan.

How did you start playing PUBG?

I saw my friends playing it initially, so I joined them and started playing PUBG.

How did you get into competitive gaming?

I was a CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive) player previously, and then only I started playing PUBG professionally. I find that it was alright for me that’s why I stuck with it until now.

How do you differentiate yourself or your team from other teams in Malaysia or internationally?

Our team has the best rotation and “special” skills to be the best in Malaysia I believe. What’s the “special”, I can’t disclose, hahaha.

You were approached by other teams before, why did you choose Geek Fam?

Geek Fam offers us much more than the other teams and they make sure that we are properly taken care of, which I like.

What do you love most about PUBG?

I feel that PUBG resembles reality very much. I like the logical side of the game, that’s why.

What’s your play style?

My play style is to sneak around the compound silently. I like to kill in stealth.

Do you face any challenges when you decided to start off your professional gaming career?

I had to juggle between working and playing esports. So, I decided to quit working and focus on my esports career.

How has it been so far living in the Geek Fam house?

It’s too perfect! Haha, because I never thought that it would get better than this. The house, the food, the rooms, etc.

What’s your first impression of the Geek Fam house?

It is beyond my expectations. It’s huge! Haha.

What is your first impression of Geek Fam?

The Dota 2 boys and the management are very friendly and nice, so there’s no problem.

What are your teammates like?

All of them are skilled players and can work hard. I can even trust and count on them.

Who do you think in your team is the best?

Izzuan. That’s because I can work very well with him in-game.

Who do you find the most annoying?

Hazwan. Haha, he is the most annoying. He dances when we are training, while eating and even while sleeping, haha.

What other interests do you have outside of PUBG?

I like to play snooker and fix my motorbike, that’s all.

Who are the PUBG players that you look up to?

AndyPyro. That’s because he can do what people call “insane shots”.

What do you plan to achieve for yourself and for Geek Fam?

I would want to be the best player in SEA and for Geek Fam, we will definitely do our best!

Let’s play a game of this or that! I’ll ask a series of questions about which one do you prefer, you will just have to answer what comes to mind.

(PC or Console?) PC.

(Marvel or DC?) Marvel.

(KFC or McDonald’s?) McDonald’s.

(Pizza Hut or Domino’s?) Pizza Hut.

(Night or Day?) Night.

(Coffee or Tea?) Tea.

(Horror or Comedy?) Comedy.

(Coke or Pepsi?) Coke.

(Black or White?) Black.

(Ketupat or Lemang?) Lemang.

(Rice or Noodle?) Rice.

(What about durian?) Durian? Yes.

Anything you would like to say to the fams of Geek Fam?

To all my fams, thank you for supporting me! I hope that I can do my best. Thank you so much!