The Last Interview: Oli

Having been with Geek Fam for some time, how have things changed for you?

Before joining Geek Fam, I was an unknown player, playing mostly in small local tournaments. However, after being in Geek Fam, I became a little bit famous in the SEA scene and that is something I’m thankful for.

What about yourself as an esports player?

I feel that over the course of 1 year being in Geek Fam, I became more responsible in improving myself as an esports player. I would play more solo-rank games and learn up more game strategies to improve myself.

So, how has the coach impacted you as an esports player?

When I first came into Geek Fam, I was a weak laner. The coach (Keat, Geek Fam Founder) taught me how to play in the lanes and make it better, and also to predict the opponent’s move as well as to come up with ways to counter them. Besides this, he also advised me on how to use my winnings wisely. He also helped me improve my communication skills.

What do you think about your teammates?

I really enjoy being together with my teammates! Our relationship with each other is very good! We do fight, but it won’t last more than a day so that’s good!

What’s your most memorable time at Geek Fam?

The most memorable period in Geek Fam would have to be during the Asia Pacific Predator League 2018 in Indonesia. At the finals, we were going up against BOOM ID and most of the audiences were their supporters. The crowd was cheering for them and Indonesia, I can even hear them while being in the box on stage. That moment was very impressive. Finally, we won the tournament and that ended up being the most memorable moment for me.

Best outing during your time at Geek Fam?

It would have to be when we all went to Taiwan to shoot Acer’s video shoot. It was tiring but it was fun as well. We had to wake up early at 5am and the whole shoot finished at about 11 to 12am. Being there also opened my eyes to how proper videos are being shot, I initially thought that it would just be taking a camera walking around but you have shots from every angle to see which is best.

I heard that you ice-skate! Can you tell us a little bit about that?

Haha actually I wanted to go ice-skating for a very long time. At the skating rink, I see people having so much fun, skating and turning around. I wanted to try for myself so I decided to go after TI8 Open Qualfiers. It’s fun but I’m not as skilled yet haha.

The manager said you were the most responsible member in waking up early. Can you tell us more about that?

I find that waking up early is important because most of the LAN tournaments are in the mornings. I don’t have this habit before Geek Fam and Geek Fam plays a lot of tournaments so I cultivate the habit of waking up early. It’s important for my sleeping pattern. I used to play games until 3 or 4am and wake up at 12pm.

We heard that you will also be the one to buy food for everyone when the manager is not around…

Actually, I’m not sure why I’m in charge of doing that also hahaha. Maybe because the other members wake up late and then only they buy their own food, so I figured might as well I buy for them since I wake up so early.

Who are you closest with in Geek Fam?

I’m actually close with everyone in Geek Fam, there is no favourite haha. I guess it’s because of the fact that they would always disturb me from time to time and I have no idea why hahaha.

Haha they always “kacau” (disturb) you? Do you dislike them for it?

No, of course, I don’t enjoy that!

Then, don’t you fight back?

Yes I do! Especially when ChYuan comes and tries to shut down my PC when I’m playing. I would fight him to not do so, but in the end, he still does it anyway hahaha. I’m not mad when they play pranks on me or when they disturb me because I think this is good for team bonding.

Then what do you do to get back at them?

I would annoy March by standing behind him while he is playing on the PC or when he is messaging other people, haha. He would ask me to go away but I would not, and then he would come and disturb me haha. That’s my revenge.

How do you feel about your teammates stealing your food?

Haha, usually my food is vegetarian and theirs got meat and rice. They would take my vegetables and say that they wanna try, I would usually allow but sometimes when I say no also they would take, hahaha. I’m not angry and I don’t care actually because that is life.  

How would you describe your time in Geek Fam?

Geek Fam allowed me to experience a lot of first-times in my life. For example, learning to be more social and also going overseas. I get to meet a lot of players from other countries and also immensely improve my gameplay and strategies.

Who will you miss the most in Geek Fam?

I will miss all of my teammates, I had a great time with all of them in Geek Fam.

What’s your goal and how has Geek Fam helped you achieve or come close to your goal?

My goal as an esports player is to win a Valve tournament and Geek Fam has helped me come closer to it. We were even very close to go to a minor if not for Fnatic at the GESC tournament. Being in Geek Fam has given me the opportunity to play in a lot of tournaments and events.

How has Geek Fam helped you in your esports career?

I learned a lot in my 1 year in Geek Fam. Before I joined, I was an unknown player, but through Geek Fam, I get to meet a lot of other players and also grow myself as an esports player. I also learned how to play the role of Support properly in Geek Fam.  A lot of strategies such as warding, communication, predicting move and making plans, etc. I’m grateful for being a member of Geek Fam.

What do you think about the management of Geek Fam?

The management is very nice and treats me very well. I’m very lucky to have a single room during my stay at the Geek Fam house and the needs of the players are well taken care of. I also managed to learn a lot during discussion times with our coach. We discuss a lot of details and also look at the big picture.

Anything you would like to say to your ex-members at Geek Fam?

I would like to thank them for being my teammates for 1 year. Without them, I don’t think I would be able to win tournaments and also travel with them. We created a lot of memories together and I will miss them.

Anything you would like to say to the management of Geek Fam?

I would like to thank Keong and Keat, especially Keat as he encourages us a lot when we are not motivated during our games. He coaches us and gives us a lot of strategic insights on how to face our opponents. He also taught me a lot. I would also like to thank Wheng for being my manager. He always brings us out for food and fun.

What about the fams?

To the fams, thank you for supporting us. Without you guys, perhaps we won’t be as big as now. I’m leaving Geek Fam but I’m also grateful for being in Geek Fam for 1 year in my life. Do keep supporting Geek Fam!


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