On The Road Again: Skemberlu

After returning to Geek Fam for a few months, Skemberlu tragically ends up having to leave us once again as he goes to join Complexity Gaming and test his skills in the NA region.

Because he had to leave immediately after the transfer was decided, we didn’t have time to shoot a video interview with Skem this time around, but we were able to talk to him over Skype and hear his thoughts about having to leave Geek Fam for a second time.

How do you feel about leaving Geek Fam?

I feel sad leaving Geek Fam because I learned a lot from the team. But I’m happy that I was in Geek Fam, because I had the opportunity to show my skills with the players on my team and while playing against good players in other teams.

How did your experience with Geek Fam change you as a player?

My discipline and emotions have changed because of Geek Fam. Because of the management and the boss, they kept telling me to hang in there and encouraged me everyday.

I think Geek Fam helps their players a lot because they are different from a lot of other esports organizations who don’t want to say negative comments in front of the players. They (other teams) just keep hiding negative things and this negatively affects other people and players.

In Geek Fam, they talk to you about all the negative and positive things, but they also keep encouraging you.

What are your best memories with Geek Fam?

Winning MESL and the Asia Predator League. Also playing scrims with the other Geek Fam players everyday. I learned a lot from our practices and the coaching from Sheep (aka Keat, the Geek Fam owner).

I remember there was one time me and Playhard argued for over an hour because of a game…we had some disagreement over whether or not to go in and we kept fighting over it. I don’t really remember what we were arguing about now, but after the arguments we improved and got closer and better together as a team.

Who are you closest with in Geek Fam?

Playhard. We were friends before we joined Geek Fam. We disturb each other a lot but we teach each other a lot also.

I’m also really close to the Geek Fam management and the boss. We always tell each other the truth whether it’s negative or positive, inside and outside of the game.

 How would you describe your time in Geek Fam?

I would describe it as…focused. The atmosphere of the Geek Fam house was always quiet and focused.

Do you feel like Geek Fam has helped you move forward in your esports career?

Yeah…so much in the past 6 to 8 months. They helped me improve on my emotional problems and discipline.

Last time I would keep raging and scolding my teammates and I would easily give up in the game.

The difference now is that I never give up inside the game and I don’t scold my teammates anymore, I just explain to them – the boss taught me how to do that.

How was your experience of living in the Geek Fam house?

Happy and focused on the game. The house is quiet and you can relax if you want because there’s a swimming pool.

If you live together you can work together with your teammates and train hard to improve together.

The manager also took care of me and my team so much. He always buys us the food we want, and he gets us what we want or ask for.

Do you have a message to your teammates?

Good luck to my teammates. Good luck in your careers. I hope we all succeed.

Is there anything you would like to say to the Geek Fam management?

To my manager, thank you for taking care of me so much, and thank you to the boss as well for caring about me and for changing my career by helping me take care of my discipline and emotional problems.

Do you have anything to say to the fans?

To the fans, please keep supporting Geek Fam, because Geek Fam will win 😀