The Last Interview: March

March aka JT aka Jackie Thiay first joined us at the end of 2017. A young and relatively unknown player in the Dota scene, he meshed well with the rest of the Geek Fam team and quickly became one of our most valuable players and was part of the roster that won the Asia Pacific Predator League and the Malaysia Esports League earlier this year.

Now, March has gone on to become part of Mineski’s latest roster for the DPC. How does he feel about leaving Geek Fam to join one of the top international Dota teams? We sat down with him before he left the Geek Fam house to hear his thoughts.


How do you feel about leaving Geek Fam?

I feel sad because Geek Fam actually treats us very well.

I stayed here for 1 year and I was so happy during that time because Keat and Keong (the Geek Fam owners) treat us very well.


How has Geek Fam helped you improve as a player?

After I joined Geek Fam I actually improved a lot. Geek Fam taught me a lot of stuff, like life experience, they can teach you about anything, whether it’s in game or outside the game.

In my old team, compared to Geek Fam, the atmosphere was completely different. Before, my team would just do nothing and everyone would just do their own thing after each game.

But after coming here to Geek Fam, when we finish scrims we will do a lot of discussion after the game. What should we do in game? What should be our next move? So after that we would be able to move faster and communicate more clearly, so we could keep improving together.


Do you feel like you’ve grown a lot since joining Geek Fam?

I feel like I’m much better than last time, compared to when I was with my old team which didn’t teach me anything about life experiences or anything like that.

After coming here, I feel like I’m more mature and patient. When you play games you need to be patient, if you’re an impatient it’s so hard to play games and even your life will be difficult.

During the debriefings, Keat actually taught us a lot of things about the game and about life, like what we should do, how we should appreciate a person, how to communicate with people – a lot of things.


What was your favourite memory in Geek Fam?

I guess, the exercise part. We rarely go exercise, if we go we’re quite happy because we exercise as a team and we talk to each other.


Which player in Geek Fam are you closest to?

Oli. I quite like him. We were friends last time and we were in a team together before as well. I feel like he’s my brother because I always disturb him. Whenever I’m free I’ll keep disturbing him – but he also likes disturbing me! So yeah, I just keep disturbing him because it’s so fun.


What was your proudest moment as a Geek Fam player?

I guess when we won the Asia Pacific Predator League, the one in Indonesia. We won quite a big amount of prize money and there were lots of people cheering and holding the Malaysian flag, so yeah, it was a good feeling.


Do you think you could have made it into a team like Mineski one year ago?

No way. If I didn’t have Geek Fam, I guess I would never have been able to join Mineski.

Because Geek Fam is really a good team, they taught us a lot of stuff and guided me a lot.

As I said they actually helped me a lot. Not only in the game, but for outside things as well. A lot of things.

As a person you need to be good and kind to everyone. I actually learned a lot about that from here. So I hope I can learn more and improve myself, not just in the game.


How was your experience living in the Geek Fam house?

It was great! Because my manager – Wheng, was very good. He treats us very well too. I actually like Wheng a lot, he’s really a good manager.

He always buys good food for me and talks to me a lot. We’re just like friends, he doesn’t just act like a manager when talking to me, he’s like a friend.


What was it like living with the other Geek Fam players?

We’re very serious about training and scrims. It’s like our work, so we need to be very serious when it comes to this kind of thing.

Actually all of us are very serious about this. It made me more comfortable when it came to training.

It’s not like a playground you know? Where everyone keeps joking around. That would make you uncomfortable I guess.

Everyone (at Geek Fam) just wants to win, so we need to be serious when it comes to training.


Is there anything you would like to say to your Geek Fam teammates?

I wish you guys the best of luck. And whatever team you join, I hope you win Major or Minor tournaments, or any tournament, even TI too!


Is there anything you would like to say to the Geek Fam Management?

I would like to thank Keat and Keong, the founders…I don’t what to say man…but thank you. I don’t know what else to say.


Are you excited for your future after leaving Geek Fam?

Actually, I’m not excited, but I’ll do my best!

In life you need to move forward, whether it’s good or not, you still need to move forward and face everything.

So I’m going to face it peacefully and normally, and just do my best.


What’s the next goal in your esports career?

I wish to win Minors, Majors and TI.

I’ve never won a Major and Minor before, so I hope I can.



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