The Last Interview: ChYuan

ChYuan first joined Geek Fam in September 2017. Already one of the rising stars of Malaysian Dota at that point, his year long run with Geek Fam allowed him to rise to the top of the online rankings and distinguish himself as one of the best players in Malaysia, as he helped Geek Fam go on to win the Asia Pacific Acer Predator league 2018 and the Malaysia Esports League.

It’s been a crazy couple of months for the Geek Fam organisation as well as ChYuan since he was recruited by the likes of Malaysian legends Ohaiyou and YamateH to join Team Lotac. Recently we finally had the chance to sit down with ChYuan and hear his thoughts about his time with Geek Fam…


How have you changed as a person since joining Geek Fam?

I joined Geek Fam in September 2017…In this past year I’ve learned a lot in this team. My personality has become more matured and I always  think one step ahead, about what I should do in terms of gameplay and the planning in the games.

Yeah, I’ve grown a lot with this team.


What was your best memory with Geek Fam?

My best memory in Geek Fam is when we won the Malaysia Esports League in 2018. After that win, Geek Fam brought us for a very good buffet dinner. That was a good memory for me.


Who were you closest to in the Geek Fam Team?

In this team I think I’m closest to March because we speak the same language. Yeah I used to talk to him a lot, we’d be chatting in the room sometimes.

I always interrupt what he’s doing. When he’s playing I always interrupt him or while he’s sleeping. Yeah that’s why we’re good friends.


Are you close to anyone in the Geek Fam management?

I’m close to the Geek Fam manager, Wheng. He always gives us what we demand, like when we demand anything he’ll try to fulfill our request, he’s very good.

And I’m also close with the founder, Keat. He always takes care of the players and he always keeps his promises. That’s why I like him as a boss.

I remember there was one time I requested for Wheng to buy me some Thai food. It required him to drive 40 minutes but he still went and got it for me which I appreciated a lot.


What was your proudest moment as a Geek Fam player?

My proudest moment in Geek Fam was the Acer Predator League 2018. The tournament was held in Jakarta.

I felt so proud beating the best Indonesian team in their country. It gave me a lot of confidence so that’s my best memory ever in the team.


Do you feel like you have grown a lot since joining Geek Fam?

This past year, I think what I’ve improved as a person is my attitude, and being willing to communicate with people. I’ve become more matured and not as arrogant as last time.

I think Geek Fam did help me move forward with my career. In terms of my ranking…because the founder, Keat, actually encourages us a lot – always tells us to push our limits and do our best.

In my previous team some of the players have their own ego. With Geek Fam, I’m glad that there was no ego between me and my teammates. We always communicate with each other very well.


What was it like living in the Geek Fam house?

My experience living in the Geek Fam house was good because everything was well planned. I’d wake up at 9am to make sure that I’ve done everything: brush my teeth and shower before I go play computer games. And they’ll make sure I sleep at 11pm, stuff like that.

Because Geek Fam gave me a really good schedule for me to wake up in time, and they give me food in time so we can play earlier and train earlier. So I had a lot of time to train my mechanics so I improved a lot.

One good thing about living in the Geek Fam house is they always upgrade your equipment – once in 2 months I think.

Yeah it’s definitely a good environment for training because there’s a swimming pool there, and the house is really big so you can always walk around and get some fresh air when you have a bad losing streak. It’s a good environment to play.


Is there anything you would like to say to your former Geek Fam teammates?

The last thing I would like to say to me Geek Fam teammates is: I wish you all good luck in the future, whichever team you join, or whoever stays at Geek Fam. I wish you all good luck and to do well.


Is there anything you would like to say to the Geek Fam management?

Thank you to the Geek Fam management for taking care of me this one whole year. I really appreciate it a lot.


Do you have a message for all the fams out there?

Hi fams! Thanks for supporting us in the past one year! I hope you all will continue to support Geek Fam even though the future Geek Fam is without me. Thank you so much!

Geek Fam is a very good organizer which treats players and fans very good. So don’t be afraid to reach out to Geek Fam. Thanks!


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