New Year – New Roster!

We’re back fam!

We know it’s been a while since our last update, and we’re really sorry for the lack of activity for the past couple of months.

Our team saw considerable success in the first half of 2018, winning the Asia Pacific Acer Predator League and the Malaysia Esports League before our core group of players which included Oli, Skemberlu, March and Chyuan, were recruited to other top international teams.

While we are extremely proud and happy to have raised that group of players to the point where they became highly coveted by teams playing at the top international level, we have since been tasked with rebuilding the Geek Fam roster from the ground up.

This was a long process as we wanted to ensure that we could put together a team that could not only work together well to produce results in competition, but could also be a good fit for our organisation and embody Geek Fam’s values both in and out of the game.

We are confident we have found that with our new roster, and thus we are proud to announce our new lineup of players for 2019:

  1. Justine Ryan Evangelista “Tino” Grimaldo – Carry
  2. Sandro Deldo “Luciano” Aguinaldo – Mid
  3. Lee “Kyxy” Kong Yang – Offlane
  4. Mark Jubert Mendoza “Shanks” Redira – Support
  5. Pang “Brayant” Jian Zhe – Support

Luciano, Shanks and Tino hail from the Filipino Dota scene where they have had considerable success playing on teams such as Quid Pro Quo and Sterling Global Dragons, winning the Omen by HP national esports tour in 2017 and finishing in 3rd place for the Asia Pacific Acer Predator League last year. We’re sure that our many Filipino fans will be able to get behind these 3 young players and support them all the way! All 3 of them have relocated to Malaysia and are living in the Geek Fam house as full-time players and have adjusted very well to their new environment so far.

Brayant is a familiar face who has played for Geek Fam in the past and we’re very happy to have him back on our regular roster!

Finally, Kyxy who is known for being one of the most successful Malaysian Dota players thanks to his performances at TI will be joining Geek Fam as our offlane! We are sure that his experience and knowledge from many years of competing at the highest level of international Dota will improve invaluable for this squad as he serves as a mentor and leader for the younger players, and we are incredibly honoured to have him as part of our organisation.

Geek Fam will be competing in the upcoming Major and Minor qualifiers for the Dota Pro Circuit and we have also confirmed our attendance for the Asia Pacific Acer Predator League happening in February where we’ll be defending our title as last year’s champions!

Make sure to stay tuned to our Facebook page for more updates and content coming soon fam! You can also follow us on Instagram: @teamgeekfam for updates on all things Geek Fam related.

Thank you so much for sticking around and supporting us all this while fam! Rest assured that our team will be working hard every day to bring results home for all the fams out there!