Farewell Luciano, All The Best!

Luciano has been a lovely member of the fam during the past month and we’re really sorry to have to let him go. He was a positive member of the team but regrettably, we just didn’t have the time to allow him to fully adjust to his role on the team.

Releasing Luciano was an extremely tough decision but ultimately, we had to do what we felt was best for the team with a very important tournament coming up.

We talked to Luciano to ask him his thoughts about his experience with Geek Fam before his departure.


Was it fun to be a part of geek fam?

Yeah it was a lot of fun! Everyone here is so nice and they really treat you like family.


How was it different from other teams that you have been a part of?

Being here is really different. The equipment we have here is so good. And we have a coach that is really good for us as well.


Did you enjoy your stay at the geek fam house?

Yep it was great. My favourite part was the gaming room. I got to play so many games while I was here.


How did you like staying in malaysia?

Malaysia is beautiful. There’s so many nice places like Times Square and KLCC. And I really love the food man. Nasi lemak is my favourite! So @#$& good!


Did you enjoy training and hanging out with your teammates? 

Yeah it was fun training with the team everyday. Especially cos we got to play against alot of strong teams.


Did you learn alot during your time with Geek Fam? Who did you learn from?

Yeah I learned alot. Our coach is really good at pointing out our mistakes and showing us how to improve. I learned alot from him.

I learned alot from our maid, Rose as well! She taught me alot of important lessons like how to save money and taught me that I should be preparing for my future.


What is the most important lesson that you will remember from Geek Fam?

I learned how important communication is. You have to know how to talk to each other properly in order to be successful.


What will you do next?

I will continue training while looking for a new team.

My dream is still to be a professional Dota player and go to TI.

I have alot of improvements to make on myself so I will keep on working hard.


Is there anything else you would like to say to all the fams?

Thank you all for your support and please continue to support me! And I really hope I can come back to Geek Fam some day!


Thank you Luciano! And all the best! It was a pleasure having you as part of the fam and we hope you’ll be successful wherever you go next!