Welcome to our new mid player: AlaCrity!

Let’s welcome Geek Fam’s newest member to the team: AlaCrity!

Known for his signature Invoker play, AlaCrity has had extensive experience playing in high level competitions in SEA for the past 2 years while also climbing to the top of the MMR rankings!

As a former teammate of both our current players Kyxy and Brayant, we are hoping that AlaCrity will be able to settle in quickly and provide some valuable experience and stability to Geek Fam as our new mid player!

He’s in a tough situation since he’s only coming in a couple of days before we fly to Bangkok for the Asia Pacific Predator League, but we are confident that he is up to the task!


Q: Hello AlaCrity! Welcome to the team! Do you mind introducing yourself please?

Hello guys! I’m AlaCrity! I’m from Johor and I’m 22 years old this year. I’m the new mid/position 2 player for Geek Fam.


Q: What is the meaning behind your in-game name?

Invoker has always been my favourite hero, so I chose one of his spells as my IGN.


Q: What are your favourite and least favourite heroes in Dota?

My favourite heroes are Meepo and Invoker…..my least favourite heroes to play against are Pugna and Visage.


Q: How does it feel to be a part of Geek Fam so far?

I love everything about Geek Fam. The bootcamp is nice and everyone here is very friendly. The environment in the gaming house is great and all of the other teams are here as well so it feels like I’m living with one big family.


Q: What do you hope to achieve as part of Geek Fam?

Right now my target is to help Geek Fam qualify for all of the upcoming major tournaments.


Q: Is there anything you would like to say to all the fams?

Thank you to everyone for your support! Keep chasing your dreams and don’t give up. Good luck!

Good luck to you as well AlaCrity! We’ll be rooting for you during the Predator League finals this weekend!