What makes a Pressure Washer efficient?


Pressure washers are considered to be much more efficient and effective in comparison to the traditional hose.  We already have an idea of the benefits of having a pressure washer from its name. A pressure washer removes stains and grimes from surfaces by ejecting water at high pressure. To understand why pressure washers are efficient in comparison to the traditional hose, you will need to understand the features of pressure washers that make them efficient.

Features of a pressure washer

There are specific features that make a pressure washer from the giraffetools website to be more efficient than other pressure washers. These features are:

1. Filtration Systems

All the pressure washers from giraffeetools have a filtration system that separates impurities from the water passing through the pump. This ensures that clean water is being used in the system. Because of this feature, the pressure washers have high durability.

2.  Retractable systems

The pressure washers of giraffeetools have a retractable hose system that prevents kinks on the hose and also enables a user to pull up to a point of satisfaction by automatically stopping when it’s not being pulled. This creates ease of use for the users.

3. Multi nozzles installation

The girafffetools pressure washer is built with at least 3 or 4 nozzles that can easily be adjusted and regulated to fit the requirement of the user at the moment. Each nozzle has a different flow pattern and different pressure, hence the user can choose which nozzle to use to fit a specific requirement. This can be used by users according to their needs and requirements in removing stubborn stains. These nozzles can easily be switched and interchanged.

4. Total Stop System (TSS)

Pressure washers have a built-in total stop system that prevents spraying of water if there is no trigger from the pump. This prevents accidents during the cleaning process and acts as a safety precaution. The water pressure from the pressure washer is extremely high and it can be extremely dangerous if pointed or directed in the wrong direction. The total stop system hence is a major safety precaution for the pressure washer.

5. Built-in Storage department

The pressure washer has a built-in storage system that enables the storage of accessories used during the process and also easily stores the hose, this ensures that the hose is properly stored and prevents kinks.

6. High maximum temperature

The pressure washer is capable of withstanding a maximum temperature of 40oC, this protects the system from overheating and hence increases its durability. The high maximum temperature enables water to pass through the pump efficiently without causing any damage.

7. Kink proof

The pressure washers are made with high ceramic technology applied in G-guiding systems that prevent the formation of kinks and create a 400% lifecycle increase compared to other pressure washers.

With all these features it makes the giraffetools pressure washer to be more advanced and effective in cleaning surfaces of home surroundings, cars, patio, and driveways.


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